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2016 YMCA National Virtual Invitational
Swim Local- Compete Nationally
Oct 22-30, 2016

2017 YMCA National Diving Championship
March 29-April 1, 2017 in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

2017 YMCA Short Course National Championship
2017 National YMCA Short Course - Greensboro, NC
April 3-7, 2017

2017 YMCA Masters National Meet
Sarasota YMCA, Sarasota, Florida
May 4-7, 2017

2017 YMCA Long Course National Championship
2017 National YMCA Long Course - Greensboro, NC
July 31-Aug 4, 2017

Previous Championship Meets

Proud Sponsor of the 2016 YMCA National Championships

2017 Long Course - 2 days ago
Qualifying Standards/Times (Click link)
Qualifying times for 2017 YMCA Long Course National Championship ....More
2017 Long Course - 2 days ago
Hotel Booking - Stay-With-Us (Click link)
Hotel booking is open through YMCA Competitive Sports Housing by visiting the housing website or by calling the housing office at (888) 939-5945 or email competitivesportshousing@ymca.net. As always, reservations will be taken on a first come, first served basis, so we encourage you to book early to reserve your top choice hotels. 2017 YMCA Long Course National Championship ....More
2017 Short Course - 2 days ago
Championship Apparel (Click link)
Don't forget to purchase commemorative apparel items from this year's YMCA SHORT COURSE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP! The YMCA of USA is proud to have our partner FINE DESIGNS provide this year's apparel. There will be lots to choose from onsite at the meet, but don't hesitate to shop ahead in the comfort of your home. ....More
2017 Short Course - 4 days ago
Olympians Attending YMCA Nationals.

This year we are honored to have 6 Olympians attend YMCA Nationals.  Further details about their attendance will be available shortly.

  • Missy Franklin
    • SPEEDO Ambassador
    • 2012 & 2016 US Olympian
    • 5 time Olympic Gold Medalist
    • World Champion & World Record Holder
    • Missy will sign autographs Monday afternoon at the SPEEDO Booth
    • Missy will be attending the Athlete Welcome Party on Monday
  • Rowdy Gaines
    • NBC & ESPN Swimming Commentator
    • 5 Time Olympic Gold Medalist
    • NCAA Champion
    • World Record Holder
    • World Champion & World Record Holder
    • Masters Champion & Masters World Record Holder
    • YMCA Director of Aquatics, YMCA of Central Florida, Orlando
    • Rowdy will interview Missy Franklin at the Athlete Welcome party
  • Kelsi Worrell 
    • 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist
    • NCAA Champion
    • World Record Holder
    • Kelsi will be available for autographs in the Mutual Of Omaha Booth on Tuesday
    • Kelsi will lead the Parade of Athletes on Tuesday
  • Ryan Held
    • 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist
    • NCAA Champion
    • YMCA Short Course Nationals Record Holder
    • Springfield YMCA
    • Ryan is expected to co-lead the Parade of Athletes on Tuesday
  • Josh Davis
    • 1996 & 2000 US Olympian
    • Olympic Gold Medalist
    • American & World Record Holder
    • US Flag Bearer at Olympic Games
    • Co-captain US Olympic Team
    • CEO of Mutual of Omaha Breakout Clinic
    • Josh will be available in the Mutual Of Omaha booth on Tuesday
  • Craig Beardsley
    • 1980 US Olympic Team
    • World Record Holder
    • Pan American Games Gold Medalist
    • Swimming World Male Swimmer of the Year
    • Craig will be available in the Swim Across America booth on Tuesday
2017 Short Course - 7 days ago
Admission Tickets (Click link)
Advanced purchase of ALL-SESSION Spectator Admission Tickets:  Only ALL-SESSION tickets are available for advanced purchase (child ALL-SESSIONS ticket is $35; Adult ALL-SESSION ticket is $65).  Note: You will be able to purchase individual session tickets on site at the Aquatic Center.  

When you purchase ALL-SESSIONs tickets, you also have the option to sponsor the YMCA Short Course meet for $50 (your designated name will appear in all prelim heat sheets as a sponsor of the meet.)  

Credit card is the only payment option for advanced purchasing of ALL-SESSION tickets.

Note: The system we are using for Advance Ticket sales is not specifically designed to handle spectator tickets. Everything will work fine, except the nomenclature will reference  "members."  Members in this case are the individuals purchasing the tickets. You will initially need to register yourself in the system.  Then you will need to register yourself again as the purchaser of the tickets.

Follow the instructions carefully.

When you get to the second "add member", determine if you want to sponsor the Championship, (select "Ticket Sales with Sponsorship" on the second add member step to sponsor the Championship at $50.  Select "Ticket Sales" if you only want to purchase ALL-SESSION Tickets without purchasing a Sponsorship.  NOTE: If you are purchasing multiple tickets, do not add a member for each ticket. 

When you get to the page to confirm your account information, ignore the heading "Registration Fees."  This is where you will enter the number of Adult and/or Child ALL-SESSION tickets you want to purchase.  You will receive confirmation via email after entering your credit card information and completing the transaction.  

Also note: When you receive your emailed receipt, it will have an Pending Approval status listed.  Ignore this notation, your purchase has gone through.

The site is secure for both purchaser's and credit card information

2017 Short Course - 7 days ago
College Admission Process (Click link)
The Championship Meet Committee is hosting an educational session at this year's YMCA Short Course Nationals on the college admission process. Our 2011 YMCA National Coach-of-the-Year, Glenn Neufeld will moderate a discussion forum with four college coaches as they talk about the admissions process from their varying perspectives as the coaches of successful swimming programs at four very different institutions of higher education. The event will be held at the Field House located on the Greensboro complex grounds across from the pool on Monday from 2:45PM until 4:15PM.

Everyone is invited - Parents, Swimmers, Coaches ....More
2017 Short Course - 11 days ago
Coaches - Important information

Below are several very important items that coaches need to know:

  • Please make sure that you visit the YMCA SC Nationals web site at: http://ymca.ymcaswimminganddiving.org/2017SC   This site contains all the information regarding preparing, entering, travel to, and participating in YMCA SC Nationals.  Please pass this link to your national swimmers and their parents and have them sign-up for email notifications of new information postings.
  • When you submit your online meet entries, you will be asked for your senior swimmers' names and the college/university they will be attending.  This information will be included in the heat sheets so be prepared when you submit your meet entries.
  • All coaches will need to have current credentials to be on deck, including a background check within the past two years.  If you are a registered USA-S coach, this is part of the USA-S registration process.  If you are not USA-S registered, it is your responsibility with your YMCA to have this background check performed.
  • This year, all meet entry fees will be invoiced and paid through our National partner, TeamUnify.  There will be no need to request a check through your YMCA or bring cash to the meet.  The credit card that you used when completing the annual registration of your team will be automatically charged your entry fees after the entry deadline has passed.  The credit card is the one that you have on file and used during team registration or requesting a sanction for a championship.
  • Extremely important: Please ensure that this credit card has a transaction limit that is greater that your meet entry fees and that the credit card will accept a total charge amount that is greater that your meet entry fees.
  • If you are going to use a high school time for a qualification time, remember, times from high school meets are only allowed if the meet is USA-S Observed.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about the eligibility of a swimmer or the eligibility of a swimmer's entry time, contact Jim Ryan (jryan@ymcade.org) as soon as possible.
  • Parade theme is the "Roaring 1920" in celebration of the first YMCA SC Nationals.  This will be the 90th YMCA Short Course National Championship.  We are looking forward to seeing the creative costumes of the athletes during the Athlete Welcome Parade on Tuesday.
  • Online Time trials entries close on the same day and time as the main championship entries: Monday March 27 at 3:00pm.  Note: a total of four time trials can be swum by each athlete during the meet.
  • Please encourage your officials and parents who will be attending the championship to volunteer as either a timer or deck official.  Information is available at the YMCA SC National web site.
2017 Short Course - 13 days ago
Map of Special Events Center (Click link)
Greensboro Parking and Special Events Center Map for the Aquatics Center. ....More
2017 Short Course - 13 days ago
Map of Pool Deck (Click link)
Map of pool deck at Greensboro Aquatics Center for YMCA SC Nationals ....More
2017 Short Course - 15 days ago
Long Course Meet Following SC Nats (Click link)
Event File Added 3/21/2017. As has been done in the past, the Greensboro Community YMCA will be hosting a Long Course Time Trial meet for all participants of YMCA Short Course Nationals.  The meet will be held at the Greensboro Aquatic Center (same location as YMCA SC Nats) on Saturday April 8, 2017 (day after the Y Nats Championship ends).  Entry Deadline is March 29, 2017 at midnight.  Click the link for the invitation.

Event file is available at this link:
Event File

Please Note: This meet is hosted by GCY and is not part of the YMCA National Championship.  This information is being provided as a courtesy to GCY and the coaches/swimmers participating in Y Nationals.  YUSA and the National Championship Committee are not involved in this meet.  All questions should be directed to individuals outlined in the invitation. ....More

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