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2018 YMCA National Virtual Invitational
Swim Locally - Compete Nationally

2019 YMCA Short Course National Championship
Greensboro Aquatic Center, Greensboro, NC
April 1-5, 2019

2019 YMCA Masters National Meet
YMCA of Central Florida Aquatic Center - Orlando, Florida
April 11-14, 2019

2019 YMCA Long Course National Championship
Location and Date: To Be Determined


2019 Long Course - 45 days ago
2019 Qualifying Times (Click link)
2019 YMCA Long Course National Championship Qualifying Times ....More
2018 Long Course - 47 days ago
Records Broken (Click link)
Seven records were broken in the 2018 YMCA Long Course National Championship ....More
2018 Long Course - 71 days ago
2018 YMCA Long Course National Championship

The YMCA of the USA is pleased to announce the 2018 YMCA Long Course National Championship will be held at the University of Maryland in College Park, MD beginning Monday July 30 through Friday August 3.

Address: 1115 Eppley Recreation Center, 4128 Valley Drive, College Park, Maryland 20742

This recently refurbished venue is conveniently within driving distance for many of our teams. The YMCA Long Course Championship was last held at the University of Maryland in 2010. We look forward to working again with the committed University staff who historically provide a high-quality meet experience for our athletes and families.

The University of Maryland is looking forward to welcoming the Y's youth athletes, coaches and families this summer. 
2018 Long Course - 71 days ago
Awards Photos From ProSwim Visuals (Click link)
Awards photos are now available for purchase from our official photography company, ProSwim Visuals. Link goes directly to the YMCA Long Course Nationals section of their website. ....More
2018 Long Course - 71 days ago
Officials Group Picture (Click link)
Group picture of swim officials from 2018 YMCA long Course National Championship ....More
2018 Long Course - 73 days ago
2019 YMCA National Long Course Qualifying Times
No changes to the times have been made for the 2019 YMCA Long Course Nationals Qualifying Times.  They are identical to the 2018 YMCA Long Course Nationals Qualifying Time.  
2018 Long Course - 74 days ago
Thursday Night Awards ceremonies
UPDATE: The primary reason that the award ceremonies were canceled last night was the uncertainty of the weather.

At the time of the decision, it was unknown when the storm would pass and when we could allow swimmers back in the water for warm-ups. The decision was a collaborative decision between the meet committee, officials leadership and the coaches representatives with the primary objective of being able to complete the evening competition.

The meet committee recognizes and understands your disappointment that we could not complete the normal awards ceremonies.
2018 Long Course - 74 days ago
Survey (Click link)

While the 2018 YMCA Long Course National Championship is over, one more task remains: To Take Our Survey!

Over 180 people volunteered their time to plan and run this championship. We now ask you to "volunteer" a few minutes of your time to give us your  feedback. Whether your opinion is favorable or critical of the championship, your ratings and comments are important to the Championship's continuous improvement. Your responses to the survey questions really do make a difference.  

We welcome everyone's feedback - from swimmers, officials, coaches, parents, and remote viewers. Tell us what you liked and what you want changed.

Link: click on the heading of this article above; PASSWORD IS: 9622

Thank you for your time ....More
2018 Long Course - 78 days ago
Meet Results (Click link)

2018 YMCA Long Course Championship Meet Results, Photos, Live Video, On-demand Video, and more ....More
2018 Long Course - 82 days ago
Proof of Times
The following teams have been selected for Proof of Times.  These teams should have received an email from Tom Warrick with the details on which entry times need to be proved.  If you are on the list below and have not received this email, contact Tom Warrick at twarrick@comcast.net

Teams Selected for Proof Of Times

  • Auglaize Mercer Counties YMCA
  • Carlisle Family YMCA
  • Chambersburg Memorial YMCA
  • Cheshire YMCA
  • Coffman Family YMCA
  • Geauga Branch YMCA
  • Glens Falls YMCA
  • Greater Spartanburg YMCA
  • Greenwich YMCA
  • Joliet YMCA
  • Lancaster and Fairfield YMCA
  • Laurel East Hartford  YMCA
  • Metuchen Edison YMCA
  • Phoenixville Branch YMCA
  • Powel Crosley Jr YMCA
  • Rapid Area YMCA
  • Regional YMCA of Western Connecticut
  • Ridgewood Branch OH YMCA
  • Ridgewood NJ YMCA
  • Schuylkill YMCA
  • Somerset Valley YMCA
  • Springfield Family YMCA

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