2007 Long Course Swimming  Championships
YMCA of the USA National Swimming and Diving Advisory Committee

Day 1
Day 2

Day 3 Day 4

Once again we asked for volunteers to photograph our meet and once again we had amazing success -- and as you can see -- amazing photos! We want to tell you a little about our volunteers and thank them so much for what they've added to this website.

Richard Armington Father of William Armington, Hamilton YMCA
Peter Bailey Father of Joseph Bailey, YMCA of Delaware - Brandywine
Alan Burt Father of AJ Burt, Powel Crosley, Jr. YMCA
Piper Desy Mother of Zachary Desy, Delta Dolphin YMCA
Martin Dooley Father of Taryn Dooley, Holyoke YMCA
Jim Dvorak Father of Carly Dvorak, B.R. Ryall / Northwest DuPage YMCA
Sherry Farra Mother of Justin Farra, Countryside YMCA
Terry Godfroid-Marecki Mother of Brynn Marecki, Farmington YMCA
Mark Kandrac Father of Morgan Kandrac, Hamilton YMCA
Mark Pahmer Father of Sydney Pahmer, Wilton YMCA
Paul Tetuan Father of Kristen and Kimberly Tetuan, Toledo YMCA