2007 Short Course Swimming and Diving Championships
YMCA of the USA National Swimming and Diving Advisory Committee
We have something new and wonderful for you this year. We asked for volunteer photographers who would like to be on deck for a couple of sessions and received 11 responses before we closed the request. They were given a mission - show what's happening at the meet. Give everyone back home a taste of what happens at Y Nats! And WOW! - Have they lived up to the task. We hope you enjoy seeing the meet through varying points of view.

To see their photos, click on each photographer's name.
Eleonore Donch
Samuel Petroff
Day 1
Eleonore Donch
Heidi Malthaner
Mark Kandrac
Day 2
Laura Brophy
Samuel Petroff
Terry Godgroid-Marecki
Day 3 Day 4

Our Photographers

Laura Brophy Mother of Will Brophy from the Canandaigua YMCA
Paul DeLakis Father of Tina DeLakis, a freestyler and breaststroker from YMCA of Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Eleonore Donch Mother of Matthew Donch, sprint freestyler and flyer for the YMCA of the Triangle Area
Terry Godfroid-Marecki Mother of Brynn Marecki, a consolation finalist in several events from Farmington Family YMCA in Michigan
Mark Kandrak Father of Morgan Kandrak from the Hamilton Area YMCA in New Jersey.
Heidi Malthaner Mother of Lauren Malthaner, a breaststroker from Spokane, Washington
Debbie McQuaid Mother of Sam McQuaid, a freestyler and backstroker from YMCA of Talbot County YMCA
Joe Mullen Father of Ashley Mullen, one of Anne Arundel's breaststrokers and IM'ers
Samuel J. Petroff Father of Springfield Family YMCA's Ashley Jean Petroff
Carlene Poster Mother of Myles Poster, a backstroker and flyer from Glens Falls YMCA
Felicia Watson Mother of Matt Watson, a multi-stoke mid-distance swimmer from New Canaan Community YMCA.