2015 YMCA Short Course National Championship
2015 National YMCA Short Course - Greensboro, NC
March 30-April 3, 2015

Theme: Outer Space

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GENERAL INFORMATION: The YMCA National Championship Meet Committee is proud to support the entry of Athletes with a Disability who meet the YMCA Eligibility requirements and the Can-Am Para Swim time standards.

CLASSIFICATION: What is your athlete's disability classification? If your athlete has not been classified they are not eligible to enter.

ENTRY:When completing your entry for this individual and your team (if you have other qualifiers) you will submit your entry using the National YMCA Online Meet Entry. You will get an error message saying that your athlete's time does not meet the time standard. There will be a comment box and you can note that you are entering an athlete with a disability class ie. S7. The entry chair WILL get your entry. Your athlete will be seeded in the first heat of the event - so the order will be SCY, SCM, LCM, Athletes with a disability with non conforming standards.

COACH CHECK-IN: When at the meet, It is your responsibility when registering your team to let the registration volunteer know that you have an athlete(s) with a disability on your team.

COACHES MEETING: After the Coaches Meeting on Monday, you and other coaches with athletes with a disability will meet and discuss with meet officials to make sure your athlete has a great meet.

RECORDS: If your athlete has a chance to set an American Record, note that there is a possibility and to work with meet management and the announcer to let them know that a record attempt is possible and to follow up with paperwork. 

Athletes would be able to break an American Record at the meet without any additional paperwork other than the record form completed and the results verified.

This is the link:


They would not be able to break World or Pan Am records because that would require IPC approval and we are not allowed to run IPC meets and YMCA or USA Swimming meets under the same approval.  The meet has to be run under IPC rules in order to get a meet approved by the IPC.

If your athlete needs additional support - ie. S4 or lower - with warm up space or other accommodations when racing, let the officials and meet management know what and how they can be helped.

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