2017 YMCA Short Course National Championship
2017 National YMCA Short Course - Greensboro, NC
April 3-7, 2017

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Saturday, April 1st  GAC remains open to the public with $5 admission per person between the hours of 8:30am - 7:00pm. The building will close at 7:30pm There will not be any race equipment available on this date.

Sunday, April 2nd   GAC remains open to the public with $5 admission per person between the hours of 10am-6pm. The building closes at 6:30pm. There will be track starts and backstroke wedges available in the Dive well end Race Course in the Competition pool.  No touch pads. The Scoreboard end course will not have any race equipment . The Y will also have 4 lanes in the Dive well.  One lane will have a starting block with backstroke ledge and track start.

Monday, April 3rd  All touch pads and race equipment in place on both courses. Warms ups begin at 6am. Doors open at 5:40am daily.

Through Friday    *The Rec Pool will close daily right at the end of the prelims.  The dive well will close daily 1/2 hour following Prelims and re open at 4:00pm until 15 minutes after Finals conclude.

The Competition pool will close as soon as time trials end and reopen at 4:00pm until 1/2 hour after finals conclude.

The building will close 1 hour after the finals conclude each evening.

Saturday, March 25, 2017 For Coaches Only

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