2018 YMCA Long Course National Championship
EPPLEY Recreation Center, University of Maryland, College Park, MD
July 30-Aug 3, 2018

Theme: Animation (cartoon characters, princesses, super heroes)

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Selected Article

The following teams have been selected for Proof of Times.  These teams should have received an email from Tom Warrick with the details on which entry times need to be proved.  If you are on the list below and have not received this email, contact Tom Warrick at twarrick@comcast.net

Teams Selected for Proof Of Times

  • Auglaize Mercer Counties YMCA
  • Carlisle Family YMCA
  • Chambersburg Memorial YMCA
  • Cheshire YMCA
  • Coffman Family YMCA
  • Geauga Branch YMCA
  • Glens Falls YMCA
  • Greater Spartanburg YMCA
  • Greenwich YMCA
  • Joliet YMCA
  • Lancaster and Fairfield YMCA
  • Laurel East Hartford  YMCA
  • Metuchen Edison YMCA
  • Phoenixville Branch YMCA
  • Powel Crosley Jr YMCA
  • Rapid Area YMCA
  • Regional YMCA of Western Connecticut
  • Ridgewood Branch OH YMCA
  • Ridgewood NJ YMCA
  • Schuylkill YMCA
  • Somerset Valley YMCA
  • Springfield Family YMCA

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