2019 YMCA Long Course National Championship
EPPLEY Recreation Center, University of Maryland, College Park, MD
July 30-Aug 3, 2019 (Tuesday thru Saturday)

Theme: My Wonderful State

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  • The following paperwork is required at Coach Check-in:  Teams will not be allowed to complete Coach check-in (i.e. compete in the meet) until all required paperwork is provided.  More information is available on this web site.
    • SWIMMERS: All swimmers 18 and older must complete the online SAFE SPORT training and provide a signed 4-page YMCA Code of Conduct and proof of taking the training class within the past 12 months.  Paperwork must be provided at Coach Check-in.  The head coach can provide swimmer(s) paperwork.  The swimmer(s) do not need go to Coach Check-in
    • SWIMMERS: All swimmers must have a signed parent consent form.  The form was generated when entries were submitted and must be provided at Coach Check-in at Station 5 when you pick up the your coach shirts and swimmer bags 
    • TEAM: Each team must email/fax/bring their signed declaration form that was generated when their entries were submitted.  You can see the status of your submitted Declaration form on the web site
    • TEAM: Each team must have a valid insurance policy with expiration date after Aug 3, 2019 on file at YUSA in Chicago.  For those teams with expiration dates expiring in July 31, please present a copy of the renewed insurance policy at Coach Check-in.  You can see your insurance expiration date on file at YUSA on the web site
    • COACHES: All coaches attending the meet must complete SAFE SPORT training and provide their signed 4-page YMCA Code of Conduct and proof of taking the training class within the past 12 months. All coaches must sign and provide a photo release form that was generated when entries were submitted 
    • COACHES: All coaches must have a successful background check performed within the last 24 months.  No proof/paperwork needs to be provide at the meet
  • PAYMENT OF FEES: Team entry fee to LCNats and their Time Trial entry fee will be invoice and submitted for payment to the credit card on file in their TeamUNIFY system.  This is the same credit card that is used for the annual team fees and sanction meet fees.  Please make sure that this credit card is valid through August 3, 2019 and has a credit limit that can handle the entry fee charges.  Any additional entries submitted after the primary deadline ("Additional Entries") will also be invoiced and charged again the TeamUnify stored credit card
  • PAYING BY CHECK: If your team prefers to pay their entry fees via YMCA check, please send Tom Warrick an email at twarrick@comcast.net immediately
  • CHASE STARTS: Hopefully, you have seen the message that we will not be doing Chase-Starts this year
  • OFFICIALS AND TIMERS: Please help us staff this championship.  Ask your experienced timers and/or officials who will be attending YMCA LCNats to volunteer to help us.   Have them contact Rick Carson at rickcarson209@gmail.com for further information
  • WEB SITE: Please make sure that you frequently visit and share this web site link with your LCNats swimmers and parents: http://ymca.ymcaswimminganddiving.org/2019LC

Tuesday, July 23, 2019 For Coaches Only

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