This procedure has been established to provide for the safety of all participants and to insure that certified coaches are present. Please return this completed and signed form if your team is to be represented by another coach.  The representing coach needs to bring the signed forms to registration.
Do not fax these forms to the Meet Director

YMCA Association #:_____________________________

YMCA_NAME: ________________________________

YMCA_ADDRESS: _______________________________

To Whom It May Concern: The YMCA_NAME: _______________________ swim team does not have a coach with three required certifications. We have requested that

_____________________________________, coach of the ______________________________________ YMCA represent our participants on the pool deck.

______________________________________ _______
(Executive Director and Date)

[YMCA NUMBER: _______________________  YMCA NAME: _____________________________________

Representing YMCA Coach

I agree to represent YMCA NAME: ___________________________ participants at the 2020 YMCA SHORT COURSE CHAMPIONSHIP meet. I will be present during their events and see that they are supervised only while on deck. This procedure involves safety considerations. I will file relay cards and deposit scratch cards at the designated times and supervise warm-ups. In the event of injury, I will assume responsibility for administering immediate first aid and determining if an emergency squad is needed if further treatment is warranted.


________________________________________ ___________
(Certified Coach and date)

 ________________________________________   __________
(YMCA Name and YMCA Association #:)