2017 YMCA Long Course National Championship
2017 National YMCA Long Course - Greensboro, NC
July 31-Aug 4, 2017

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2017 YMCA Long Course National Championship
July 31 - Aug 4, 2017

Greensboro Aquatics Center, 1921 W Gate City Blvd,
Greensboro, NC 27403

Parade theme is the "The 1980's" in celebration of the first LC Nationals

Video Streaming:
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Saturday, August 12, 2017 For Everyone

Several important clarifications for FloSwimming subscribers:
  • FloSports offers monthly and annual subscriptions 
  • Both the monthly and annual subscriptions offer access to all FloSports channels for the duration of the subscription 
  • Both subscription types are recurring payments, so the subscriber will need to request a cancel of their service if they choose not to continue their subscription following the event.

Saturday, August 12, 2017 For Everyone

ProSwim Visual, our professional meet photographer, has award pictures for purchase in variety of mediums ....More

Monday, August 7, 2017 For Everyone Visits: 1380  

2017 YMCA Long Course National Officials Group Picture ....More

Monday, August 7, 2017 For Officials Visits: 1098  

If you subscribed to FloSwimming (or want to subscribe) and are looking to find the archive videos in event order, go to this link and sign-in to your subscription account.  Log-in to account

After you log-in, go to the link: Archive.  You should see a listing of all the events with archive videos and interviews.

The archive currently has all the finals, all the prelims, and a large number of interviews of swimmers and coaches

Monday, August 7, 2017 For Everyone

MEET SURVEY (Click link)
We value your feedback on the 2017 YMCA Long Course Championship.  Coaches, Swimmers, Officials, Remote Viewers, Parents, Grandparents, and others....please take a few minutes to give us your opinions and suggestions to us improve this National Championship.

The vast majority of the improvements we have made over the past seven years are a direct result of the feedback from the Meet Survey.  Thank you.       Note: The survey is password protected.    Password is: 9622 ....More

Wednesday, August 2, 2017 For Everyone Visits: 1170  

Championship Heat Sheets, Results, Pictures, and video links ....More

Monday, July 31, 2017 For Everyone Visits: 15769  


The College Recruiting Seminar will be held on Wednesday (August 2) from 1:00pm-2:30pm in the Special Events Center Rm #1A.  This is the second occurrence of the same seminar held on Monday.  Glenn Neufeld is the presenter.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017 For Everyone

ProSwim Visuals provides action photography by reservation only, one swimmer per heat, first-come, first-served. Reservations are $40 and include two heats (individual or relay) of coverage and a $20 online credit that will automatically apply toward any order made when proofs are posted after the meet. Additional reservations are $10 per heat ....More

Tuesday, August 1, 2017 For Everyone Visits: 995  

The long course YMCA National meet has long looked a bit different than the short course edition and this summer appears to follow that trend.... ....More

Friday, July 28, 2017 For Everyone Visits: 1491  


The Greensboro Aquatic Center has discovered that the Backstroke Wedges mounted on the starting blocks at the Scoreboard end of the competition pool do not fully retract after being used for a start.  This problem is related to how the starting blocks are connected to the moveable bulkhead and does not occur at the diving well end of the pool where the starting blocks are connected to the permanent deck.

This problem creates the possibility of:

  • A safety issue for swimmers who might become entangled in a non-retracted backstroke wedge during the execution of a subsequent turn
  • Damage to the Backstroke Wedge from contact by swimmers.
There are six events which are affected by this problem:
  • Event 201/202 - 200 M Backstroke
  • Event 207/208 - 400 M Medley Relay
  • Event 301/302 - 100 M Backstroke

The original plan for these events was for the ODD heats to start at the diving well end of the pool and the EVEN heats to start at the scoreboard end of the pool (using chase starts to save time).

The new plan is for ALL heats of these six events to start at the diving well end of the pool.  This will add approximately 15 minutes to the preliminary timeline on Day 2 and Day 3.  For this slight increase in session time, we are able to eliminate the potential safety and damage issues.

For those wondering why this does not affect the 50 M Backstroke and the 200 M Medley Relay, those events were already scheduled for ALL heats to be swum from only one end of the pool.

Thank you for your understanding about this change.

Thursday, July 27, 2017 For Everyone

Do you love baseball?  The Greensboro Grasshoppers Minor League baseball team has four home games taking place during Nationals. YMCA swimmers, parents and coaches are invited.  Special discount box seats are only $8 each.

The downtown stadium (close to the Aquatic Center) is a state-of-the-art facility features a 30' wide, open-air concourse, 36 concession points of sale, the Grandstand outdoor sports bar, a kid-safe play park, numerous amenities and seating for 7,500 fans.  Click link for days and times of the games. ....More

Thursday, July 27, 2017 For Everyone Visits: 875  

Door Country YMCA's ​Max McHugh​ ​is no stranger to success in the pool. But the YMCA national champion is not even the fastest swimmer in his own family... ​yet.​​

​​Max McHugh is just one of multiple swimmer's preparing for success at the 2017 YMCA LC National Championships. Check out the full psych sheet and prepare yourself for five days of extraordinary racing from some of the best 18&U swimmers in the country. Watch the 2017 YMCA National Championship live ....More

Thursday, July 27, 2017 For Everyone Visits: 1056  

The following teams have been notified that they will have to prove selected entries times for individuals and/or relays.  If you did not receive the email notification, please contact Tom Warrick at twarrick@comcast.net

Andover YMCA
Auglaize Mercer Counties YMCA
Butler YMCA
Cheshire YMCA
Countryside Ralph Stolle YMCA
Grove City YMCA-PA
Laurel East Hartford YMCA
Phoenixville Branch YMCA
Regional YMCA of Western Connecticut
Somerset Hills YMCA
South County Family YMCA - FL
Upper Main Line YMCA
Western Branch YMCA
York And York County YMCA

Wednesday, July 26, 2017 For Coaches Only

The following are estimated session end times for your transportation/meals planning purposes only.  These session times are calculated prior to daily scratches and prior to entries received during the additional entry period.

Monday Evening....... 7:45 PM

Tuesday Prelims..... 11:45 AM
Tuesday Finals......... 8:15 PM

Wednesday Prelims..12:15 PM
Wednesday Finals..... 8:15 PM

Thursday Prelims.... 11:45 AM
Thursday Finals........ 8:30 PM

Friday Prelims ........12:45 PM
Friday Finals............ 8:45 PM

Tuesday, July 25, 2017 For Coaches Only

PSYCH SHEET (Click link)
Unofficial Psych Sheet for 2017 YMCA Long Course Nationals. If you see an entry time error, bring it to Coach Check-in in Greensboro. Missing swimmer(s), contact Tom at twarrick@comcast.net. Parents/swimmers should direct all their comments to their coach. ONLY COACHES MAY CONTACT TOM WARRICK, Entry Chair ....More

Tuesday, July 25, 2017 For Everyone Visits: 5035  

Parents and athletes are invited to attend a College Recruiting Seminar on Monday, July 31 at 11:30 AM in the Special Events Center. The seminar will be presented by Glenn Neufeld and will include the opportunity to ask questions. Glenn has a broad background which includes being a YMCA swim coach, a college assistant swim coach and a high school guidance counselor. His background has given him a view of the recruiting process from many different perspectives. Please take advantage of this opportunity educate yourselves on this pertinent subject.

Saturday, July 15, 2017 For Everyone

PRE-ORDERING OF SPECTATOR TICKETS IS CLOSED: Only ALL-SESSION tickets are available for advanced purchase (child ALL-SESSIONS ticket is $35; Adult ALL-SESSION ticket is $65).  Note: You will be able to purchase individual session tickets on site at the Aquatic Center.  

IMPORTANT: If you previously purchased  All-Session Tickets through this system for YMCA Short Course, you will already have a login account.  Use the same email address and password to log into the system)

When you purchase ALL-SESSIONs tickets, you also have the option to sponsor the YMCA Long Course meet for $50 (your designated name will appear in all prelim heat sheets as a sponsor of the meet.)  

Credit card is the only payment option for advanced purchasing of ALL-SESSION tickets.

Note: The system we are using for Advance Ticket sales is not specifically designed to handle spectator tickets. Everything will work fine, except the nomenclature will reference  "members."  Members in this case are the individuals purchasing the tickets. You will initially need to register yourself in the system (assuming that you did not purchase All-Session Tickets for the YMCA Short Course Meet).  Then you will need to register yourself again as the purchaser of the tickets.

Follow the instructions carefully.

When you get to the second "add member" (or first "add member" if you previously purchase tickets for YMCA Short Course), determine if you want to sponsor the Championship, (select "Ticket Sales with Sponsorship" on the second add member step to sponsor the Championship at $50.  Select "Ticket Sales" if you only want to purchase ALL-SESSION Tickets without purchasing a Sponsorship.  NOTE: If you are purchasing multiple tickets, do not add a member for each ticket. 

When you get to the page to confirm your account information, ignore the heading "Registration Fees."  This is where you will enter the number of Adult and/or Child ALL-SESSION tickets you want to purchase.  You will receive confirmation via email after entering your credit card information and completing the transaction.  

Also note: When you receive your emailed receipt, it will have an Pending Approval status listed.  Ignore this notation, your purchase has gone through.

The site is secure for both purchaser's and credit card information


Saturday, July 15, 2017 For Spectators Visits: 1383  

Don't forget to purchase commemorative apparel items from this year's YMCA LONG COURSE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP! The YMCA of USA is proud to have our partner FINE DESIGNS provide this year's apparel. There will be lots to choose from onsite at the meet, but don't hesitate to shop ahead in the comfort of your home. ....More

Saturday, July 15, 2017 For Everyone Visits: 1437  


The Meet Committee is excited to announce two Olympians to attend the 2017 YMCA Long Course National Championship in Greensboro, NC: Charlie Houchin and Anthony Ervin.

Charlie Houchin

  • Scheduled for Tuesday August 1.  Autographs 11:00AM - 1:00PM
  • CEO, HydroXphere (software for summer competitive swimming meets)
  • 2013 World Championship Gold Medalist, 4x200 Freestyle Relay (1:45.59)
  • 2012 Olympic Team Member
  • 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist, 4x200 Freestyle Relay
  • 2x Gold Medalist at the 2011 Pan American Games (400m Freestyle & 4x200 Freestyle Relay)
  • 2011 World Championship Team Member
  • 5th, 400 Freestyle, 2010 Pan Pacific Championships
  • All-American & Big Ten Champion, University of Michigan, 2006-2010
  • Attended University of Michigan

Anthony Ervin

  • Scheduled for Wednesday Aug 2.  Autographs 9:00AM - 11:30AM
  • Sponsored by Josh Davis and the Mutual of Omaha BREAKout! Swim Clinics
  • Three-time Olympian (2000, 2012, 2016);
  • Four-time Olympic medalist (3 gold, 1 silver)
  • Rio 2016 Olympic Games, gold (4x100m free, 50m free)
  • At age 35, he was the oldest athlete ever to win a gold in an individual swimming event.
  • Member of World Championship Team (2001, 2003, 2013, 2015)
  • Three-time World Championship medalist (2001- 2 Gold Medals; 2013 - Silver Medal)
  • 27-time NCAA All American
  • Attended University of California - Berkeley

Thursday, July 6, 2017 For Everyone

Key meet operations information for the Championship - For Coaches. ....More

Tuesday, June 27, 2017 For Coaches Only Visits: 1194  


Below are several very important items that coaches need to know:

  • Please make sure that you visit the YMCA LC Nationals web site at: http://ymca.ymcaswimminganddiving.org/2017LC   This site contains all the information regarding preparing, entering, travel to, and participating in YMCA LC Nationals.  Please pass this link to your national swimmers and their parents and have them sign-up for email notifications of new information postings.
  • When you submit your online meet entries, you will be asked for your senior swimmers' names and the college/university they will be attending.  This information will be included in the heat sheets so be prepared when you submit your meet entries.
  • All coaches will need to have current credentials to be on deck, including a background check within the past two years.  If you are a registered USA-S coach, this is part of the USA-S registration process.  If you are not USA-S registered, it is your responsibility with your YMCA to have this background check performed.
  • This year, all meet entry fees will be invoiced and paid through our National partner, TeamUnify.  There will be no need to request a check through your YMCA or bring cash to the meet.  The credit card that you used when completing the annual registration of your team will be automatically charged your entry fees after the entry deadline has passed.  The credit card is the one that you have on file and used during team registration or requesting a sanction for a championship.
  • To manage your TeamUnify Credit card, refer to this Frequently Asked Questions: TeamUnify FAQ
  • Extremely important: Please ensure that this credit card has a transaction limit that is greater that your meet entry fees and that the credit card will accept a total charge amount that is greater that your meet entry fees.
  • If you are going to use a high school time for a qualification time, remember, times from high school meets are only allowed if the meet is USA-S Observed.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about the eligibility of a swimmer or the eligibility of a swimmer's entry time, contact Jim Ryan (jryan@ymcade.org) as soon as possible.
  • Parade theme is the "The 1980's" in celebration of the first YMCA LC Nationals.   We are looking forward to seeing the creative costumes of the athletes during the Athlete Welcome Parade on Tuesday.
  • Online Time trials entries close on the same day and time as the main championship entries: Monday July 24 at 5:00pm.  Note: a total of three (3) time trials can be swum by each athlete during the meet.
  • Please encourage your officials and parents who will be attending the championship to volunteer as either a timer or deck official.  Information is available at the YMCA SC National web site.

Sunday, June 18, 2017 For Coaches Only

For Coaches: All Championship meet entries must be made through the YMCA Online Meet Entry System - Entry Deadline is Monday July 24, 2017 at 5:00pm ET ....More

Saturday, June 17, 2017 For Coaches Only Visits: 2214  

For Coaches: YMCA Long Course Nationals Online Meet Entry for time trials. Time trials are only open to swimmers participating in YMCA Nationals. Time trials entry is separate from the Main Championship entry. Entry Deadline is Monday July 24, 2017 at 5:00pm (ET) ....More

Saturday, June 17, 2017 For Coaches Only Visits: 1478  

For Coaches and Teams only: The Greensboro Aquatic Center is offering lunch and dinner options for your team that will get your swimmers back to their rooms quickly to rest.   Don't spend time arranging and attending lunches and dinners at the hotel or making reservations at "slow-to-serve" restaurants.

On Tuesday through Thursday dinner will be served buffet-style in the Coaches' Hospitality room at the end of Finals for $14.00 per person.  Boxed Lunches are also available for purchase Tuesday through Friday.  Boxed lunches will be delivered to the Athlete Village before the end of the Prelim Sessions and are priced at $12 per person.

Interested?  Send all orders to Patricia_Hannan@comcastspectacor.com, copy David Hoover at David.Hoover@Greensboro-NC.gov or call 336-574-4057.  Deadline is July 24th.  Teams will be billed directly.

Saturday, June 10, 2017 For Coaches Only

DEADLINE: 7/15/2017: YMCA of the USA (Y-USA) recognizes the commitment a swimmer makes to training and competing in swimming and diving competitions. We realize the financial strain these competitions can have on families.  The YMCA of USA hopes to alleviate some of the financial pressures associated with participation by making financial assistance available to the parents/athlete to help support an athlete on local YMCA Financial Assistance with traveling to National Competitions (transportation and housing costs only).  Update: 6/8/2017 to indicate funds will be distributed directly to Local YMCA ....More

Thursday, June 8, 2017 For Coaches Only Visits: 1060  

Officials and Timers: You are cordially invited to help us at the 2017 YMCA Long Course Swimming Championship Meet.

To properly conduct a championship meet of this magnitude requires a large number of officials to staff the deck each day. There is a need for YMCA Level I, YMCA Level II, and/or USA-S Officials each day at Preliminaries, Time Trials and Finals. All officials attending the meet are strongly encouraged to sign up to work at this meet.

Timer positions may also be available depending on the number of swim official volunteers. If you are experienced in timing, but are not an Certified Swim Official and would like to volunteer, we encourage you to do so. ....More

Tuesday, June 6, 2017 For Officials Visits: 1057  

MEET FORMS (Click link)
These forms are automatically generated during the Online Entry process. These templates are provided in the event you did not receive them during your Entry process ....More

Tuesday, May 30, 2017 For Coaches Only Visits: 1020  

For Coaches - Event file for TeamManager/TeamUnify for the main events of the Championship.  Time Trials have a separate Event File.  Time Trials entries must be submitted separately from the Championship main event entries ....More

Monday, May 29, 2017 For Coaches Only Visits: 1963  

For Coaches: Time Trials event file for TeamManager/TeamUnify.  Entries for time trials must be submitted separately from the main championship entries.  UPDATED 7/12 to remove Time Trails Limit of one event per day ....More

Monday, May 29, 2017 For Coaches Only Visits: 1211  

This is a schedule of pre-event deadlines, and event activities for each day of the meet. The schedule contains events/activities, dates/times, and locations for coaches, swimmers, officials, and parents.  UPDATED 6/19/2017 ....More

Monday, May 29, 2017 For Everyone Visits: 2809  


The YMCA Long Course Nationals Meet Committee is excited to announce that FloSports, Inc will be providing video services for the 2017 YMCA Long Course National Championship.

Subscribers to FloSports/FloSwimming will have access to the entire 2017 YMCA Long Course Championship competition live, start to finish, including the athlete parade, award ceremonies, and each prelim, final and time-trial session (availability of Time Trials video was a significant request from our previous championship surveys).

In addition to access to live streaming of the competition, subscribers will have access to on-demand (archived) video of all race footage, which will be posted following each day of competition to www.FloSwimming.com . Finally, FloSwimming will provide editorial coverage of the entire meet, including write-ups and athlete video interviews also available on www.FloSwimming.com .

Join in the excitement of the 2017 YMCA Long Course National Championship. Subscribe to the full content (live and on-demand videos of all the competition including interviews) for only $29.99 per month with a minimum of one month subscription. In addition, if you are interested in FloSports' other sport channels, you can view the YMCA LC National Championship and all of the other FloSports 20 plus live event channels for only $149.99 per year.

FloSports, launched in 2006, started with Track and Wrestling and has expanded into over 20 live sports channels including Gymnastics, Softball, Volleyball, Tennis, Rugby, Hockey, etc and now Swimming. FloSports transmits, in 100% High Definition, sports content for regional, varsity and national sports focusing on live and on-demand coverage, documentaries, breaking news and more.

Further information about the video services will be available as we get closer to the Championship event


Saturday, May 27, 2017 For Everyone Visits: 1470  

YMCA Officials Trainers ONLY - opportunity to attend the YMCA Long Course Championship. ....More

Friday, May 26, 2017 For Officials Visits: 790  

Competition Warm-up schedule for Prelims and Finals ....More

Friday, May 26, 2017 For Coaches Only Visits: 1056  

For Coaches Only: List of Insurance Certificate expiration dates. Coaches, please make sure your YMCA has an insurance certificate on file at the YMCA of USA that covers the period through Aug 4, 2017.  UPDATE WITH FAXES RECEIVED 7/25  ....More

Friday, May 26, 2017 For Coaches Only Visits: 1149  

Sample Insurance certificate. Each team that participates in the meet must have a current and correct Certificate of Liability Insurance on file with the YMCA of the USA. Emails of certificates will be accepted FROM THE INSURANCE BROKER ONLY. Emails may be sent to Robin Lee at robin.lee@ymca.net. Certificates of Insurance may be faxed to 312-977-1069, HOWEVER, THE ORIGINAL MUST STILL BE SENT to YMCA of the USA, Attn: Insurance Manager, 101 North Wacker Dr., Chicago IL 60606 ....More

Friday, May 26, 2017 For Coaches Only Visits: 641  


Swim Officials Trainer Training

This training program will be held on July 30-31, 2017. Note: this training is only for Trainer Candidates

Facilitation Skills will be held on July 30 from 1:00 PM until 4:00 PM at the Sheraton Greensboro Hotel. 

Trainer Training will be held after Facilitation Skills at 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM. 

Class Training will involve actually teaching segments of the Level I or Level II program, will take place on July 31 at the Greensboro Aquatic Complex.  The session will run from 8:30 AM until 1:30 PM.

The prerequisites for this clinic can be found on the website.  Registration for this program must be completed by no later than Friday, July 15, 2017.  Registration is accomplished by e-mailing the lead trainer, Ed Miller (caefmilleriii@msn.com) and then completing a Trainer Application form obtained from Bridgett Zeitler at Y-USA (bridgett.zeitler@ymca.net).

Swim Officials Level II

This clinic will be offered for prospective new Level II officials as well as existing Level II officials needing to renew their certifications.  

The program will be held at the Greensboro Aquatic Complex on Monday, July 31 from 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM.  To register for this clinic, contact the lead trainer, Eddie Hughes (cehughes@spinxco.com).  New and Re-certifying officials must bring a copy of their meet experience record with them evidencing the meet sessions worked over the prior three year certification period.  

Swim Officials Level I

This clinic will be offered for prospective new Level I officials as well as existing Level I officials needing to renew their certifications.   The program will be held at the Greensboro Aquatic Complex on Monday, July 31 from 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM.  To register for this clinic, contact the lead trainer, Ed Miller (caefmilleriii@msn.com).  Re-certifying officials must bring a copy of their meet experience record with them evidencing the meet sessions worked over the prior three year certification period.

Monday, May 15, 2017 For Officials

The 2017 YMCA Long Course Nationals Championship Handbook (Meet Invitation) provides information for Coaches, Swimmers and Parents to prepare, enter, attend, and compete in the championship. The Handbook is a must-read for everyone attending the Championship. ....More

Monday, May 15, 2017 For Everyone Visits: 3865  

POOL MAP (Click link)
Map of pool deck at Greensboro Aquatics Center for YMCA LC Nationals ....More

Sunday, May 14, 2017 For Everyone Visits: 938  

Are you are an amateur photographer? Would you like to volunteer to take pictures memorializing this year's championship? Volunteer photographers are needed to cover all aspects of the Championship. If you are interested, and willing to take pictures for posting on our web site, please read and complete the application form. Note: Form is a Microsoft WORD document ....More

Saturday, May 13, 2017 For Everyone Visits: 768  

College/University coaches are welcome at all YMCA National Swimming and Diving Championships. We encourage you to come and see the talent that can be the future of your swimming team. Entry and heat sheets are complimentary. Please pre-register. ....More

Friday, May 12, 2017 For Coaches Only Visits: 880  

Coaches: If you plan to attend 2017 YMCA Long Course Nationals, you must register all attending coaches by July 1, 2017.  Failure to register by this deadline will result in the $60 deck pass fee for unregistered coaches. ....More

Friday, May 12, 2017 For Coaches Only Visits: 879  

Athlete volunteers are needed to fill a special role in this year's YMCA Long Course National Swimming Championship. If you have a swimmer or group of swimmers interested in participating in color guard, water banner, National Anthem, or devotion during the prelims or finals, please see the attached information and application form.  Note: Attachment is a MSWORD Document

Deadline for application submission is July 26, 2017 ....More

Friday, May 12, 2017 For Coaches Only Visits: 775  

Greensboro Parking and Special Events Center Map for the Aquatics Center. ....More

Friday, May 12, 2017 For Everyone Visits: 919  

We are asking swimmers to use the Athletes Village located in the Special Events Center during Preliminaries whenever they are not swimming. With 1,000 or more athletes attending the competition, the pool deck is too crowded to accommodate everyone. Your cooperation will give each athlete an opportunity to do their best.

This year, teams with 4 or fewer swimmers will be assigned to a large common area unless they contact David Hoover (Greensboro Aquatic Center, Event Coordinator) to request a dedicated area.  David's email address is: david.hoover@greensboro-nc.gov. Please make sure you reference the YMCA Long Course National Championship in your email so he knows the associated meet for the request.  Only a coach should make the request to David.

We will continue to assign teams with five or more athletes to a dedicated area within the Athletes Village.

Please remember that everyone is responsible for their personal belongings. Swimmers should never leave any of these items unattended.

Friday, May 12, 2017 For Everyone

Spectators: Spectators are not allowed to bring in any food, snack or beverages into the Aquatic Center or Athlete Village. The GAC will have concessions each day of the meet. The Athlete Village will also have concessions throughout the meet. Re-entry privileges are allowed should anyone want to go off-site for meals.

Teams: No outside catering or take- out food is permitted at either venue. A team coach may bring a cooler into the Athlete Village (with water or Gatorade). Swimmers may bring in snacks and power bars for consumption if stored in their back packs,. There will be water available throughout the meet in on-deck coolers for swimmers, coaches and officials. Empty water bottles may be brought in for use at the water fountains.

Friday, May 12, 2017 For Everyone

Qualifying times for 2017 YMCA Long Course National Championship
Updated 5/21/17 to include the bonus times for the 800 and 1500 Freestyle events ....More

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 For Everyone Visits: 5507  

Hotel booking is open through YMCA Competitive Sports Housing by visiting the housing website or by calling the housing office at (888) 939-5945 or email competitivesportshousing@ymca.net. As always, reservations will be taken on a first come, first served basis, so we encourage you to book early to reserve your top choice hotels. 2017 YMCA Long Course National Championship ....More

Tuesday, March 21, 2017 For Everyone Visits: 1514  


It's my pleasure to announce that the 2017 YMCA Long Course National Championship will be held July 31 through August 4 at the Greensboro Aquatics Center in Greensboro, North Carolina.

As 2017 will represent the first time we will be holding both our Short Course and Long Course National Championships in the same location, it's important that you know why.  Our decision to bring Long Course to Greensboro next year was made for three reasons:

1.    Our options were limited.  Most of the other aquatic centers that have 50 meter pools are simply not available on the dates we requested, and those that are available cannot accommodate our needs.

2.    We have an outstanding relationship with the Greensboro Aquatic Center.  In the years we have held Short Course at the GAC, we have benefitted from what has become a true partnership with the staff there.  They know us well, greatly value our business, and are willing to work with us in ways that others are not.  This has very positively impacted our ability to deliver a high quality "Y" experience for everyone attending Short Course and will no doubt have the same impact on Long Course. 

3.    Travel to and lodging in Greensboro are very reasonable, especially compared to other cities.  We've heard your concerns and we are committed to keeping costs - ours and yours - as low as possible.  To this end, bringing Long Course to Greensboro in 2017 is a no-brainer. 

We recognize that for some of you two trips to one location in the same year is not ideal.  However, know that we are approaching 2017 as a year of transition, one that will give us the opportunity to continue to evaluate potential locations for both championships alongside everyone's ideals and then pursue long-term commitments that target the proverbial "sweet spot".  As we do this, we continue to welcome your thoughts and feedback.

Shortly, you will receive a separate email from YMCA Competitive Sports Housing with detailed information about making hotel reservations for Long Course.  In the meantime, you can begin reviewing your options at our housing website, http://www.cvent.com/d/1vql8q

If I may answer any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.  Thanks for your understanding, support, and ongoing commitment to helping our young athletes realize their full potential through Y swimming.



Thank you for transforming lives.

Spencer Bonnie

National Director, Youth Events and Sports

Membership and Programs

101 N Wacker Drive, Chicago IL 60606
(P) 800-872-9622 ext. 2954   (D) 312-419-2954   (C) 920-883-2986
(E) spencer.bonnie@ymca.net   (W) ymca.net

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