2019 YMCA Long Course National Championship
EPPLEY Recreation Center, University of Maryland, College Park, MD
July 30-Aug 3, 2019 (Tuesday thru Saturday)

Theme: My Wonderful State

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For Everyone (8/5/2019)
For Everyone (7/26/2019)
  • On-demand videos are available. Now includes Full Printable Results and for COACHES-ONLY: Meet Results Files and Meet Backup Files


For Coaches (7/26/2019)
  • Online Meet Entry for "Additional Entries" as described in Meet Handbook
For Coaches (7/24/2019)
  • Randomly selected teams that must prove one or more specific entry times
For Coaches (7/23/2019)
For Coaches (7/10/2019)
  • Displays current Insurance Certificate expiration dates for each YMCA and current status of Declaration form that must be submitted prior to the start of the meet
For Everyone (6/11/2019)
For Coaches (5/27/2019)
For Coaches (5/27/2019)
For Coaches (5/26/2019)
For Coaches (5/26/2019)
For Coaches (5/13/2019)
  • Copies of forms that are automatically generated at entry
For Everyone (9/1/2018)
  • 2019 YMCA Long Course National Championship Qualifying Times


For Everyone (7/31/2019)
For Everyone (7/23/2019)
For Everyone (7/20/2019)
For Everyone (7/16/2019)
For Everyone (6/11/2019)
For Everyone (5/26/2019)
  • Updated: 7/21/2019 to include updates on USA-S Approval numbers, elimination of chase starts, Safe Sport updates, Meet Committee members, parking on campus, and dorm rooms.


For Officials (5/27/2019)
For Coaches (5/27/2019)
For Officials (5/17/2019)
For Coaches (5/13/2019)
  • College/University coaches are welcome
For Everyone (5/13/2019)
  • Volunteer photographers needed to provide photos from meet to post on web site


For Everyone (7/26/2019)
For Everyone (7/26/2019)
  • UPDATED: 7/29/19 - Pool map changed to reflect correct event start positions 
For Everyone (7/25/2019)
For Everyone (7/25/2019)
For Everyone (7/23/2019)
  • Site Announcement
For Everyone (7/23/2019)
  • This year we will be parking in Lot 1. Pre-purchased ticket required
For Everyone (7/18/2019)
  • Due to the 1 mile walk to the pool from the assigned parking lot, we are working through details to provide a shuttle service


For Coaches (7/28/2019)
For Coaches (7/23/2019)
For Coaches (7/20/2019)
  • Updated: 7/20/2019 - we will be starting all heats of preliminary events from one end of the pool.  No Chase-Starts
For Coaches (7/18/2019)
For Swimmers (5/15/2019)
  • How to use UMD's backstroke wedges


Officials .....Rick Carson
Coaches Representative .....Jack Caucino
Insurance .....Erin Reuland
Web Site, Entry, Check-in .....Tom Warrick
Meet Director .....Bob Turner
Eligibility .....Jim Ryan


For Everyone (8/1/2019)
  • PASSWORD IS: 9622
For Everyone (7/28/2019)
For Coaches (7/20/2019)
For Spectators (7/11/2019)
  • Pre-order your spectator ALL-SESSION-only admission wristbands and/or become a sponsor for the meet
For Everyone (7/11/2019)
  • Pre-order logo'ed championship apparel
For Everyone (6/27/2019)
  • Q&A Session with Darian: Tuesday 12 Noon to 1:00, Level 2 Room ERC2113 (go to the right of the workout equipment, down the hallway)

    Autograph Session: Wednesday July 31, 11:30 to 1:00, in area next to the vendor area on Level 0 (same level as the athlete village)

    Q&A Session with Darian: Wednesday, 3:30 to 4:30 pm, same room as Tuesday Q&A (Level 2, Room ERC2113)
For Coaches (5/16/2019)
For Everyone (5/13/2019)
  • Hotel options with varied room rates

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