2019 YMCA Long Course National Championship
EPPLEY Recreation Center, University of Maryland, College Park, MD
July 30-Aug 3, 2019 (Tuesday thru Saturday)

Theme: My Wonderful State

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Several updates for coaches

  • ATHLETE VOLUNTEERS - If you have a swimmer or group of swimmers interested in participating in color guard, water banner, National Anthem, or devotion during the prelims or finals, please contact Meredith Griffin at mgriffin@cincinnatiymca.org. Currently we have only a very small number of athlete volunteers. See web site for more details
  • OFFICIALS AND EXPERIENCED TIMERS- We continue to have a need for Officials (Level I and II) and experienced timers to support the officiating needs of the Championship. Please have your attending parents volunteers their services. See more details on the web site.
  • TIME TRIALS - The Online Time Trials entries has been exceptionally good this year. As a result of the number of pre-entered Time Trials and the limited time to run Time Trials, we will be unable to accept additional Time Trials deck entries for Day 3 (Thursday ) and Day 5 (Saturday). Please plan accordingly. Your online Time Trial entries are expected to be good unless there is some overriding weather, pool, or Prelim meet operations issue
  • ATHLETE VILLAGE SPILLS - The Rec Center asks that if the teams and coaches could notify Rec Center staff of any spills or messes in the Athlete Village. This way the Rec Center staff can clean it up as quickly as possible. We will have floor covers down in the entire gym but want to keep it as clean as possible. (Nothing worse than a spilled soda sitting on the floor all day with ground-up goldfish in it. 😊 )
  • CIRCLE OF CHAIRS IN ATHLETE VILLAGE - Swimmers are welcome to bring chairs into the Athlete Village as they did last year. However, the teams cannot put their chairs into a large circle and then zip-tie them all together. The fire marshal had big safety concerns last year and will not allow it this year. This needs to be a point of emphasis.

  • BLOCKING OF DOORWAYS - Swimmer can not sit directly in front of doorways and emergency exits. Athletes need to sit a distance away from standard and emergency exits and leave a defined alleyway in the space where there are no obstructions. This is fire marshal requirement.

Sunday, July 28, 2019 For Coaches Only

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