2016 YMCA Long Course National Championship
2016 National YMCA Long Course Championship - Indianapolis, IN
July 27-31, 2016

Theme: American Pride

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Survey Results. (Click link)

Thank you for your feed. link is to the survey results ....More

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2016 YMCA Long Course Championship Results (Click link)
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  • Meet Programs with information are also available that include: 
    • List of volunteers
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    • List of 2016 Olympic participants with YMCA backgrounds
    • List of attending College Recruiters
    • Upcoming YMCA Events
    • YMCA Fun Facts
    • Last year's National Champions
    • And more.  

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2017 YMCA Long Course Nationals Qualifying Times (Click link)
2017 YMCA Long Course Nationals Time Standards.  Note: Only one adjustment was made for 2017 - Men 200 Medley Relay ....More

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Meet Handbook - 2016 YMCA Long Course Nationals (Click link)
Handbook provides information for Coaches, Swimmers and Parents to prepare, enter, attend, and compete in the championship. The Handbook is a must-read for everyone attending the Championship. Updated: 6/23/2016 ....More

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2017 YMCA Long Course Nationals (Click link)

It's my pleasure to announce that the 2017 YMCA Long Course National Championship will be held July 31 through August 4 at the Greensboro Aquatics Center in Greensboro, North Carolina.

As 2017 will represent the first time we will be holding both our Short Course and Long Course National Championships in the same location, it's important that you know why.  Our decision to bring Long Course to Greensboro next year was made for three reasons:

1.    Our options were limited.  Most of the other aquatic centers that have 50 meter pools are simply not available on the dates we requested, and those that are available cannot accommodate our needs.

2.    We have an outstanding relationship with the Greensboro Aquatic Center.  In the years we have held Short Course at the GAC, we have benefitted from what has become a true partnership with the staff there.  They know us well, greatly value our business, and are willing to work with us in ways that others are not.  This has very positively impacted our ability to deliver a high quality "Y" experience for everyone attending Short Course and will no doubt have the same impact on Long Course. 

3.    Travel to and lodging in Greensboro are very reasonable, especially compared to other cities.  We've heard your concerns and we are committed to keeping costs - ours and yours - as low as possible.  To this end, bringing Long Course to Greensboro in 2017 is a no-brainer. 

We recognize that for some of you two trips to one location in the same year is not ideal.  However, know that we are approaching 2017 as a year of transition, one that will give us the opportunity to continue to evaluate potential locations for both championships alongside everyone's ideals and then pursue long-term commitments that target the proverbial "sweet spot".  As we do this, we continue to welcome your thoughts and feedback.

Shortly, you will receive a separate email from YMCA Competitive Sports Housing with detailed information about making hotel reservations for Long Course.  In the meantime, you can begin reviewing your options at our housing website, http://www.cvent.com/d/1vql8q

If I may answer any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.  Thanks for your understanding, support, and ongoing commitment to helping our young athletes realize their full potential through Y swimming.



Thank you for transforming lives.

Spencer Bonnie

National Director, Youth Events and Sports

Membership and Programs

101 N Wacker Drive, Chicago IL 60606
(P) 800-872-9622 ext. 2954   (D) 312-419-2954   (C) 920-883-2986
(E) spencer.bonnie@ymca.net   (W) ymca.net

(WATCH) YD Playlist   (T) Follow me @SpencerBonnieY


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Estimated Session Timelines
These estimated session-END times are for your planning purpose only. Actual end times may change due to unplanned circumstances and scratches.  

  8:45pm - Wednesday Night
11:45am - Thursday Prelims
  8:30pm - Thursday Finals
12:00noon - Friday Prelims
  8:10pm - Friday Finals
11:30am - Saturday Prelims
  8:15pm - Saturday Finals
12:45pm - Sunday Prelims
  8:30pm - Sunday Finals

Friday, July 22, 2016 For Coaches Only

Proof of Times Selection
FOR COACHES ONLY: The following teams have been randomly selected for Proof of Time for selective entries. If your YMCA is listed below and you did not receive an email from Tom Warrick, please contact Tom at twarrick@comcast.net.

Coaches are reminded that other factors may require a team to prove additional USA-S non-reconciled times. This includes, but is not limited to, a protest from another coach.

Brandywine PA YMCA
Countryside Ralph Stolle YMCA
Door County YMCA
Down East Family YMCA
Duanesburg YMCA
Edwardsville YMCA
Fanwood Scotch Plains YMCA
Green Family YMCA
Grove City YMCA-PA
Hickory Foundation YMCA
Kishwaukee Family YMCA
Lakeland Hills Family YMCA
Lionville Community YMCA
Michiana YMCA
New Canaan Community YMCA
Oshkosh Community YMCA
Rapid Area YMCA
Red Bank Branch
Somerset Hills YMCA
Somerset Valley YMCA
South Family YMCA
South Shore MA YMCA
Springfield Family YMCA
Suncoast YMCA
Sussex Family Branch YMCA
Wyckoff Family YMCA

Friday, July 22, 2016 For Coaches Only

Psych Sheet (Click link)
The psych sheet is unofficial and subject to change. All adjustments will be made at Coach Check-in in Indy. All inquiries about the Psych sheet including incorrect times, participating teams, missing swimmers, missing events, protests, scratches, etc must come through a coach. ....More

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Award Medals Engraving
P&B Awards will again be on-site to engrave your Long Course award medals. In addition, they will also be able to engrave award medals from previous YNats meets. If you would like to have your metals engraved with the date, results time and place, stop by the P&B Awards booth in the vendor area on the north concourse.  And, don't forget to bring your previous YNATS awards for engraving.

Friday, July 15, 2016 For Everyone

For those teams wanting to display their banner within the Natatorium, team banners may be hung from the spectator seating area rails but only plastic cable ties may be used (please bring your own plastic cable ties). Please be careful not to block the view of the spectators. Banners must comply with the YMCA of the USA's Graphic Standards. Maximum banner size shall be 5 feet by 8 feet. The Meet Committee reserves the right to restrict the placement of team banners in order to maintain the dignity and decorum of the meet venue as well as for the benefit of vendors and sponsors.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016 For Coaches Only

Championship Apparel (Click link)
Please don't forget to purchase commemorative apparel items from this year's YMCA LONG COURSE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP! The YMCA of USA is proud to have our partner FINE DESIGNS provide this year's apparel. There will be lots to choose from onsite at the meet, but don't hesitate to shop ahead in the comfort of your home ....More

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Parking Map - IUPUI (Click link)
Map of the IUPUI Campus pointing out spectator, coach, and bus parking lots ....More

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Meet Mobile
2016 YMCA Long Course Nationals and the 2016 YMCA Long Course Time Trials will be posted on Meet Mobile as two completely separate meets.

Only psych sheets and results will be available for the 2016 YMCA Long Course National meet.

Psych sheets, free heat sheets, and results are available for the Time Trial meet.

The two meets will be merged at the end of the championship on Sunday so that all the results will be in one meet.

Sunday, June 26, 2016 For Everyone

Parking at IUPUI (Click link)
There is parking available for Coaches, Officials, Volunteers and Spectators in the Sports Garage attached to the natatorium.  The garage is capable of handling vehicles as large as a 16 passenger van.

Do not park in spots which are marked for Permanent Permit Holders Only.  Any other spot may be utilized.

There are two methods to pay for parking in this garage:
  1. Pay each day you utilize the garage.  You will enter the Sports Garage using the center entrance.  At the gate swipe your credit card to pay your fee. Cost will be $6 for each day you utilize the garage.  An attendant will give you a Parking Stub which can be used to re-enter the garage on the same day.
  2. Weekly Pre-Purchased Parking Pass allows multiple entries each day of competition.  At the garage gate, scan the barcode on Parking Pass to open the garage gate.

Remember another option is to leave the car in the Hotel Garage and walk to the Natatorium.  Many of the downtown hotels are 0.7 to 1.0 miles from the Natatorium.  The last half of the walk is on sidewalks through grassy areas on campus or alongside the picturesque canal system.

Coaches will have the ability to order their parking passes during the online entry process, have it included on their invoice and pay for it as part of their check-in.  Coaches will receive a Six Day Parking Pass (Tuesday through Sunday) for $36 each.  Teams traveling by bus may purchase a bus parking pass for a street level lot on campus.  The cost for the weekly bus pass will be $72.  Coaches ONLY may pick up their Six Day Parking Pass on Tuesday between 10 AM and 4 PM in the North Concourse or at Coach Check-In.

Spectators and Officials can pre-purchase parking passes online using the Ticket and Parking Pass link for the article.  The Pre-Purchased Parking Pass offering is a Five Day Parking Pass (Wednesday through Sunday) for $30.  

All people arriving to pick up their Pre-Purchased Parking Pass should park on levels 5 or 6 of the Riverwalk Garage (located just south of the Sports Garage).  You will obtain a ticket when you enter.  After obtaining your Pre-Purchased Parking Pass you may exit the Riverwalk Garage by swiping your parking pass when you exit to open the gate.  You may dispose of the ticket you received on entry.  If when arriving to pick up your Pre-Purchased Parking Pass you chose to park in the Sports Garage you will have to pay with your credit card to enter and this cost will not be refunded.

Pre-Purchased Parking Passes for spectators and officials may be picked up beginning Wednesday at the Admission Wristband/Heat Sheet Sales Table in the North Concourse of the Natatorium.

For those spectators who fail to take advantage of the online purchase opportunity, we will have a limited quantity of weekly parking passes available for sale on July 27 at the Natatorium.   When the limited quantities of parking passes at the Natatorium are depleted we will be unable to offer any additional passes.  Please understand we will not be able to replace Parking Passes if they are lost.


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Visit INDY (Click link)
The official guide to Indianapolis: Things to Do, Places to Eat, Guides and maps ....More

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 For Everyone Visits: 444  

Schedule of Activities (Click link)
This is a schedule of pre-event and daily activities. The schedule contains dates/times, and locations of important activities/deadlines for coaches, swimmers, officials, and parents ....More

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 For Everyone Visits: 2904  

Spectator Admission and Parking Passes (Click link)
Admission Wristbands that will admit spectators to ALL prelims and finals sessions are available for advanced sales. Only ALL-Session wristbands and All Session wristbands with heat sheets are available for advance sales. Advance sales of Parking Passes may also be purchased

Deadline for Advance Sales is Saturday July 23, at 11:59PM. After this date, ALL-session and Individual-session wristbands and heat sheets will only be available for purchase on-site.

All Advance sales are non-refundable. Advanced sales may be picked up on Wednesday at the Admission/Heat Sheet Sales Table on the NORTH CONCOURSE. ....More

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 For Spectators Visits: 1261  

Sponsor the Championship (Click link)
For only $50, you can be a sponsor of the YMCA National Championship. Your name or designation will appear on the daily heat sheets. And remember, sponsorships are fully tax deductible as a charitable deduction. Your donation will go to swimming and diving scholarships and travel assistance to help relieve some of the financial pressures associated with athlete participation in the National Championships. Deadline is Tuesday July 26 at midnight. ....More

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 For Everyone Visits: 272  

Additional Online Meet Entry - Championship (Click link)
Coaches Only - All AdditionaChampionship entries must be made through the YMCA Online Meet Entry System - Additional Entry Deadline is Monday July 25, 2016 at 5:00pm ET.  Additional entries must be a full replacement entry file. No new teams may enter the meet. Only swimmers and/or events that have qualified after the previous deadline are allowed.  No improved times for previously entered events are permitted during this additional entry period ....More

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 For Coaches Only Visits: 1196  

Online Meet Entry - Time Trials (Click link)
Coaches Only - Link to YMCA LC Nationals Online Meet Entry for Time Trials. Time trials are only open to swimmers participating in YMCA Nationals. Time trials entry is separate from the Main Championship entry. Entry Deadline is Wednesday July 20, 2016 at 5:00pm (ET).  Note: Time Trial entry deadline, this year, is the same as the Championship Entry Deadline ....More

Tuesday, June 14, 2016 For Coaches Only Visits: 754  

Coach of the Year Nomination (Click link)
Do you know a Swim Coach who promotes achievement, encourages positive and supportive relationships and inspires a sense of belonging among swimmers? If you know a coach who is a role model for other coaches and athletes, nominate him or her for the Larry Lyons Memorial YMCA Swimming Coach of the Year.

Anyone can nominate a swim coach for his award: parent, swimmer, coach, YMCA professional, official. Forms and all supporting documents are due by July 20, 2016. The recipient is selected by YMCA National Coaches Association Executive Committee and the YMCA of USA Swimming and Diving Operations Council. The recipient is announced at the Long Course YMCA National Championship Meet. The recipient does not need to be present at the meet to be chosen to receive the award. The recipient will receive an award and a trip to the ASCA World Clinic in the year of the award. ....More

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Official Classes at YMCA LC Nats (Click link)
Prior to The National Championship, two separate YMCA Swim Officials Level I and Level II classes will be held. To register for one of these classes, please notify the appropriate trainer prior to the class. Class details and contact information are included in the appropriate registration form ....More

Monday, June 13, 2016 For Officials Visits: 320  

Sample Insurance Certificate (Click link)
Sample Insurance certificate. Each team that participates in the meet must have a current and correct Certificate of Liability Insurance on file with the YMCA of the USA. Emails of certificates will be accepted FROM THE INSURANCE BROKER ONLY. Emails may be sent to Robin Lee at robin.lee@ymca.net. Certificates of Insurance may be faxed to 312-977-1069, HOWEVER, THE ORIGINAL MUST STILL BE SENT to YMCA of the USA, Attn: Insurance Manager, 101 North Wacker Dr., Chicago IL 60606. ....More

Friday, June 10, 2016 For Coaches Only Visits: 282  

Key Information For Coaches (Click link)
Key meet operations information for the Championship - For Coaches ....More

Thursday, June 9, 2016 For Coaches Only Visits: 594  

Warm-up Procedures and Schedule (Click link)
Competition Warm-up schedule for Prelims and Finals ....More

Wednesday, June 8, 2016 For Coaches Only Visits: 723  

Travel Assistance for Athletes (Click link)
Deadline: 7/12/2016 YMCA of the USA and the YMCA National Championship Committees recognizes the commitment an athlete makes to training and competing in swimming and diving competitions. The Committees seeks to relieve some of the financial pressures associated with participation by making funds available to the local Y to support an athlete needing financial assistance with traveling to National Competitions. Travel Assistance application can only be submitted by a coach.

The funding for this crucial assistance is generated by the YMCA-Stay with Us Program. If you and/or your team are staying at one of the YMCA-contracted hotels, you are helping to provide deserving Y swimmers the extraordinary experience of participating in a National Swimming Championship. ....More

Tuesday, June 7, 2016 For Coaches Only Visits: 447  

Pool Map (Click link)
The IU Natatorium has two levels: Spectator and Pool level. The file contains both levels in two separate pages.

The Natatorium has just completed $20 million worth of renovations. New/updated features include: modernized locker rooms, new heating/cooling and pool filtration systems, new starting blocks, enhanced interior design, lighting upgrades, and new roof ....More

Tuesday, June 7, 2016 For Everyone Visits: 530  

Insurance and Emailed Form Status - Updated 7/25 9:00pm (Click link)
For Coaches Only: List of Insurance Certificate expiration dates. Coaches, please make sure your YMCA has an insurance certificate on file at the YMCA of USA that covers the period through July 31, 2016 ....More

Wednesday, June 1, 2016 For Coaches Only Visits: 751  

Photographers Needed - Volunteers (Click link)
To cover the Championship and provide pictures for our web site, volunteer photographers are necessary. If you are interested, and willing to take picture to post on our web site during the Championship, please read the information at this link.  Thank you for considering to volunteer. ....More

Saturday, May 21, 2016 For Everyone Visits: 442  

Meet Entry Forms (Click link)
These forms are automatically generated during the Online Entry process. These templates are provided in the event you did not receive them during your Entry process or need copies of the forms prior to submitting your entries.  Note: there is a new form that must be completed by each coach attending the championship: Coach Photo Release ....More

Saturday, May 21, 2016 For Coaches Only Visits: 433  

College and University Coach Invitation (Click link)
College/University coaches are welcome at all YMCA National Swimming and Diving Championships. We encourage you to come and see the talent that can be the future of your swimming team. Entry and heat sheets are complimentary. Please pre-register. ....More

Saturday, May 21, 2016 For Coaches Only Visits: 488  

Coach Registration (Click link)
Coaches: All coaches who plan to attend YMCA Long Course Nationals must complete their annual registration by July 1, 2016.  If you have previously registered after September 1, 2015, you do not need to re-register ....More

Saturday, May 21, 2016 For Coaches Only Visits: 413  

Athlete Volunteers (Click link)
Athlete volunteers are needed to fill a special role in this year's YMCA Long Course National Swimming Championship. If you have a swimmer or group of swimmers interested in participating in color guard, National Anthem, or devotion during the prelims or finals, please see the attached information and application form.

Deadline for application submission is July 20, 2016

Note: a MS word document will be downloaded ....More

Tuesday, May 17, 2016 For Swimmers Visits: 331  

Event File - Main Championship Events (Click link)
For Coaches - Event file for main events for TeamManager/TeamUnify.  Updated 5/17/2016 ....More

Monday, May 16, 2016 For Coaches Only Visits: 1424  

Event File - Time Trials Only (Click link)
For coaches - Time Trials Event file for TeamManager/TeamUnify ....More

Monday, May 16, 2016 For Coaches Only Visits: 619  

Officials and Timers Invitation (Click link)
Officials and Timers: You are cordially invited to help us at the 2016 YMCA Long Course Swimming Championship Meet.

To properly conduct a championship meet of this magnitude requires a large number of officials to staff the deck each day. There is a need for YMCA Level I, YMCA Level II, and/or USA-S Officials each day at Preliminaries, Time Trials and Finals. All officials attending the meet are strongly encouraged to sign up to work at this meet.

Timer positions may also be available depending on the number of swim official volunteers. If you are experienced in timing, but are not an Certified Swim Official and would like to volunteer, we encourage you to do so.

The link of this article is to an MSWord invitation and pre-registration form. Download the document, fill in the form and then send the document to Rick Carson at rickcarson209@gmail.com ....More

Saturday, May 14, 2016 For Officials Visits: 496  

Time Trials Qualifying Times (Click link)
2016 Time Trials Qualifying Times for the 2016 YMCA Long Course National Championship ....More

Monday, May 2, 2016 For Everyone Visits: 1261  

YMCA Long Course Nationals Time Standards-Updated (Click link)
2016 YMCA Long Course National Championship Qualifying Times - Updated 5/1/2016.  This update includes a 800/1500 bonus event.

If a swimmer has a qualifying time in the 800 free, the swimmer can qualify for the 1500 free with a secondary qualifying time which is 3% slower.  In addition, if a swimmer has a qualifying time in the 1500, the swimmer can qualify for the 800 free with a secondary qualifying time that is 3% slower.

This change was recommended by the Coaches Association and has been adopted by the Meet Committee for this year only.  There is no commitment at this time by the meet committee to continue this bonus opportunity in the future.  It will be evaluated for continuation in 2017 after the 2016 Long Course Championship ....More

Sunday, February 21, 2016 For Everyone Visits: 10764  

Hotel Booking - Stay-With-Us (Click link)
Book your hoteling through the YMCA Stay-With-US program.

Online booking is now open for the 2016 Long Course Swimming National Championships. To reserve your room today please call our office to make reservations, we would be happy to assist you over the phone. YMCA Competitive Sports Housing number is (888) 939-5945.

If a hotel you are interested in is currently sold out, we would be happy to put you on a waiting list in case rooms become available. Additionally, if you do not see what you are looking for or have a property in mind that is not on the list, please contact us to discuss your options. To view the hotels please visit our Competitive Sports Housing website.

Remember, that your support of Stay With Us helps the YMCA of the USA fund these National Championships each year and provides you with the top athletic facilities, equipment and overall experience. Show your support of the YMCA Long Course Swimming National Championships and reserve your rooms today. ....More

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