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2011 National YMCA Short Course Swimming Championship

The 2011 National YMCA Short Course Swimming Championship
April 5th - 8th  Tuesday - Friday  
Ft Lauderdale, FL
(Good Friday is April 22nd and Easter is April 24 )

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Meet Results

Item Release / Revision Date Due Date Applies to Description

4/16/2011   All - coaches, officials,swimmers, parents, volunteers, and friends 131 videos of the 2011 Short Course Nation Swim Championship provided by USA-Swimming

YouTube Videos - Play list for videos of each event
2011 SCNats Heat Sheet Inserts

4/11/2011   All - coaches, officials,swimmers, parents, volunteers, and friends  
YMCA Swimming Family - A special Thank You

4/11/2011   All - coaches, officials,swimmers, parents, volunteers, and friends A special thank you from John Mendell, Meet Director, and Jim Weaton, YMCA of USA Director of Events
Letter from Site Selection Committee 4/11/2011   All A committee has be formed to evaluate options for the 2012 Short Course Championship venue The intention is to maintain the dates April 10-13 but the dates may need to change depending upon venue availability.  By June 15, the venue will be selected and communicated on this web site
On Demand Video Replays

4/9/2011   All On Demand Video replays from USA Swimming
Results, Heat Sheet, Pictures, and video streaming 4/8/2011   All Link to real time meet results, Heat Sheets, Pictures

2012 Qualifying Time Standards 4/8/2011   All Qualifying times for 2012 Short Course Nationals

IMPORTANT TICKET NOTICE...PLEASE READ   After three days of competition and monitoring the sale of all finals tickets, the meet committee has found that a significant number of tickets have been available at the 3PM release with a comparable number of empty seats at finals.   

In order to offer the opportunity for more people to see the final night of the 2011 Championships, the release of all tickets for this evening's final has been moved up to 15 minutes after the announcement of the Men's Medley Relay finals.  This should be approximately 12:30PM today.   We hope this will allow more parents and family the chance to be part of an exciting final evening.  Thank you.
YMCA SC Nationals Time Trial information:  Due to the cancellation of time trials today (Tuesday), the 200 IM and 50fly time trial events will be swum on Wednesday as the first two time trial events.  The 500 Free time trial will be swum as the the last time trial event on Thursday. 

Since the 50 Free and 100 Free time trials are already offered on Thursday, the entries for these events will move to Thursday's events.  And, a swimmer can compete in 50 and/or 100.  The Tuesday's time trial events that are moving will not count against the one event per day limitations
Meet Survey

4/5/2011   All Please take the time to complete our short survey.  Your feedback is important to us as we continue to improve this Championship
Altitude Training Flyer

Altitude Training Application Form
      YMCA Altitude Training Camp Olympic Training Center – Colorado Springs, Colorado August 14-20, 2011  (pending USOC approval)  

What excitement there will be in Colorado this August!  Once again, the YMCA Coaches Association will be sending a selected team of athletes to The United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs for a week of training and fun! We will be selecting 40 athletes (20 men and 20 women) based on your performances at the 2011 Short Course Meet.  We can only take those athletes that apply. 

See Flyer for more information
List of Insurance Expiration dates

Includes faxes Received

4/2/2011   Coaches Insurance expiration dates for your YMCA

Include Faxes received
Link to Video Streaming 3/31/2011   All This is the link to the video streaming that will be available during the Athletes Parade, prelims and finals
Note to Spectators:
Video streaming will be provided by USASwimming.  We do not have the link yet, but it will be provided on this web site once it become available

Pre-purchased Preliminary tickets can be picked up Monday 8:30-4 and thereafter on the days of competition from 7AM-7PM at the Admissions Area near the front entrance gate to the Hall of Fame pool.

You will also be able to purchase available prelim tickets at the same location.  Tickets for Tuesday’s Prelim sessions will be sold beginning at 3 P.M. on Monday. Tickets for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday’s sessions will be sold the previous day (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) for each of the following day’s sessions beginning at 1:30 P.M. 

Available Finals ticket will be sold after 3:00 on the day for that evening's Finals competition

Only two (2) tickets will be sold to each person.  Each deck ticket will cost $5, while each Skybox ticket will cost $10  Payment will be for cash/check only.  Seating in the Video Display area is free of charge
Note to Coaches Proof of Entry Times
Teams have been randomly selected for Proof of times.  The coaches have been notified via email.  Check your Junk Email folder to ensure that you have not received this email.  If you have not received an email, you were not randomly selected.

It is up to the coaches of the teams not notified whether or not they want to bring their proofs to the meet. However, please be aware that other factors may require that a team may have to prove times. This includes, but is not limited to, a protest from another coach.
Unofficial Timeline 3/26/2011   Coaches Unofficial timeline to give coaches an estimate for session ending time

Note: this is unofficial and will change based on scratches
Coaches Agenda Information 3/26/2011   Coaches Important Coach information related to the meet operations
Unofficial Championship Psych Sheet

3/24/2011   All Psych Sheet
Welcome letter from the YMCA of USA 3/24/2011   All Welcome letter from Bob McDowell and Jim Weaton
Parade Route

3/24/2011   All Map of the parade rout - Parade is on Monday April 4 starting at 5:30pm
Message to Coaches:
Coaches Deck Passes Coaches deck pass, issued at registration, must be displayed at all times.  Due to the revised meet format, many teams may be bringing additional coaches for athlete supervision and local transportation.  This year, teams may register additional coaches more than the original meet announcement permitted. Please remember that all coaches wishing to gain access to the pool deck must show current safety and Principles of YMCA Competitive Swimming and Diving certifications in order to be issued a deck pass.  You will also be able to add additional coaches at the registration table in Ft Lauderdale

Online Payment - The online payment system will be open after the entry deadline (Thursday or Friday).  You will receive a link to the payment system where you will be able to pay your entry fees via credit card.

Faxes Received - Faxes are still being processed and will be available for review (hopefully) by the weekend.  Don't panic.  If there is any error or lost fax transmission, we have plenty of time to resolve any issue....and there is no penality
Bettie Williams 3/22/2011   All 2011 Joseph G. Rogers Award Recipient For Long and Exceptional Leadership and Accomplishments in Y Competitive Swimming Benefitting all Swimmers, Coaches, Parents and Volunteers
Short Course Nationals Facility Update 3/21/2011   All Important information about the handling of tickets at the Championship Meet
Pre-Order National Championship Merchandise 3/16/2011 PreOrder Deadline March 30, 2011   Kast-A-Way Championship Merchandise - pre-order today for pickup at the meet
Message to Coaches:
The pool complex will be open on Sunday for all teams between 6 AM and 8 PM

List of Seniors for Senior recognition can be included when you submit your online entries.  A form field is available for you to list the name of senior and the school they will be attending
The Gate Guys Blues 3/12/2011   All Bob Kohnke has composed another verse of the Gate Guys Blues  regarding the seats situation this year.  Take a listen - mp3 file
Volunteer Photographers 3/11/2011   Parents, Spectators 12 volunteer photographers are needed.  See attached application form for more details
Time Trial - Qualifying times required for Time Trials 3/11/2011   Coaches Qualifying times in order to swim time trails
Important Message: Effective immediately, all purchases of ON-DECK tickets for the Finals sessions have been nullified and ticket purchasers will have their credit cards credited for any charges for such finals tickets. 

Sky box tickets WILL NOT be affected by this ticket recall, as they were not fully sold out and not part of the on-deck seating sold. Instead, a voucher system will be implemented to assure that supporters of finals participants will have priority in accessing tickets for finals.

Click New Procedures for Obtaining Tickets for Finals for more information about the new procedure.
ProSwim Visuals 3/4/2011   All Action photography provided by ProSwim Visuals.  Photos taken by reservation only
Ft Lauderdale Security Notice 3/4/2011   All FORT LAUDERDALE AQUATIC COMPLEX SECURITY
IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT The current Ticket Sell, Buy-Back and Exchange Program for the National YMCA Short Course Championships in Fort Lauderdale, April 4-8, 2011 is conducted ONLY by YMCA of the USA through this official site.  Any other notification or offer by others to sell or purchase tickets may be a misrepresentation and may result in improper ticket purchase or exchange.  YMCA ticket scalping is prohibited.  Please use extreme caution and continue to follow this website for further information.
Facility layout adjusting for the lost of the grandstands 3/2/2011   All Updated facility map
Message: As announced, YUSA has initiated a ticket buy-back which started on February 28 and was scheduled to continue through March 7.  Because of athletes still qualifying and additional tickets that may become available after the 7th, the buy-back program has been extended to March 14.  YUSA will have an update following their review of the response to the ticket buy-back process.  This will include a procedure for persons currently without tickets to acquire those that have been bought or given back.
ISHOF 2/28/2011   All Click map image on the left for an interactive map of the Ft Lauderdale Swimming Hall of Fame area
Schedule Of Activities

2/27/2011   All Schedule of activities
Peter Vanderkaay 2/25/2011   All Peter Vanderkaay is scheduled to talk at the Athletes Welcome on Monday April 4
Athlete Volunteer and instruction Form 2/25/2011 3/30/2011 Coaches Volunteers for color guard, water banner, National Anthem, devotion
Principles of Swimming and Diving 2/25/2011 3/29/2011
registration deadline
Coaches Principles class available at Nationals
Facility Update, Tickets, ticket return, ticket exchange, and FINALS    guarantee for  Spectator 2/23/2011   Must read for Parents and spectators attending Nationals In our effort to keep everyone informed about the upcoming National YMCA Swimming/Diving Championships at the Ft. Lauderdale Aquatic Complex (FLAC), we share the following information regarding the National 2011 Championships.
College Coaches 2/23/2011   College Coaches Pre-registration for college and university coaches
Message: 2/18/2011  In releasing the tickets for sale on Wednesday, February 16 at Noon (EST), we had no idea that the entire allotment for ALL prelims and finals would be sold within a 15 minute period.  We are very aware that, as a result, many did not receive the opportunity to purchase.  The meet committee will be working over the next several days to address this situation in order to provide additional strategies by which as many people can participate during the meet as possible.  An update will be posted to this web site no later than Wednesday, February 23.  We continue to ask for your patience and understanding as we navigate our way through these and other accommodation issues.
Map of registration area 2/18/2011   Coaches & Officials Layout of registration area
Event File for Team Manager 2/18/2011   Coaches Only UPDATED SC Nats Event file
Two Athlete Representatives join the LC and SC Nats Meet Committees 2/18/2011   All Connor OPrey of Ridley YMCA Joins the SC Nats Committee. Niko Fantakis of the Greater Westfield YMCA joins the LC Nats committee
Outstanding Athlete Scholarship Award Presented by Nike SWIM Application 2/17/2011 3/26/2011 Coaches Outstanding Athlete Scholarship Award, Presented by Nike SWIM, recognizes one male and one female
Spectator Ticketing purchase form 2/14/2011   Parents Online Spectator ticket purchase - Note: site does not open until Wednesday 2/16 at 12:00 noon
Online Meet Entries 2/14/2011 3/23/2011 11:59 PM Coaches Only Enter your meet entries online
Letter to Parents 2/13/2011   Parents From Jim Weaton, Y of USA National Director of Events
Ticket & Spectator Information 2/13/2011   Parents Must read for Parents and spectators attending Nationals
Officiating Application form     Officials Form to apply to officiate at Nationals
Addendum to Meet Handbook 2/12/2011   All Details all the changes resulting from the facility grandstand closing
Moment of remembrance for those in our swimming community who have  passed away in the last 12 months 2/12/2011   All Send the names to Bob McDowell at bmcdowell@wiltonymca.org
Sample Certification of Insurance 2/12/2011   Coaches Insurance sample
Championship Facility Update 2/10/2011   All Important Update
Officials Trainer Certification Class 1/29/2011 3/14/2011 Level II Officials Opportunity to become a trainer
Level II Officials Training 1/29/2011 Pre-register by 3/20/2011 Level I and Level II Officials Opportunity to recertify
Championship Facility Update 1/27/2011   All Important Update
Important announcement on the closure of the Grandstands 1/20/11   All Important Announcement
Ft Lauderdale Packing Map 1/20/2011   All Available parking
The Gate Guys Blues - a song from the Short Course Championship Gate Guys 12/21/2010   A must-listen for All mp3 file - Bob Kohnke on vocals and harmonica composed and inspired by Stu! 
2011 Short Course Handbook 11/2/2010   All Handbook of rules and information for the meet
2011 Short Course Championship Qualify Times 9/20/2010
  All Time standards - error corrected in short course meter times
Stay with Us - note from YMCA of USA

Hotel Information Reservations

Hotel Information - Updated 9/21/2010

Hotel Map
4/10/10   Coaches, Parents Reservation information
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Meet Director:
   John Mendell
New Coaches:
   Glenda Pae
   Glenda Pae
Online Entries
   Tom Warrick
   Tom Warrick
   Chet Andruskiewicz
   Robin Lee